Be Scam Smart: Romance Scams

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Finding the Scam in a Romance

Is your online fling a romance scammer?

Here are ten things to watch out for to be sure you do not fall victim to a romance scam.

  1. Unsolicited Declarations of Love: If you suddenly receive expressions of love or affection from individuals you've only recently met online.
  2. Requests for Money or Financial Information: The person you met online asks you to send money, especially if the request involves urgent or unusual circumstances. Similarly, requests for sensitive financial information, such as bank account details or credit card numbers, should raise suspicion.

  3. Inconsistencies in Stories or Profiles: Discrepancies between what the individual tells you and their online profile or previous conversations may indicate dishonesty or deception.

  4. Quick Professions of Devotion: Scammers often try to build trust and intimacy very quickly, professing love or deep affection after only a short period of interaction.

  5. Reluctance to Meet in Person or Video Chat: Scammers may avoid meeting in person or participating in video calls, often providing excuses such as travel restrictions or technical difficulties.

  6. Overseas or Remote Locations: Be cautious if the individual claims to be overseas or in a remote area, making verifying their identity or intentions difficult.

  7. Asking for Personal Information or Confidential Details: Be wary if the individual asks for personal information beyond what is typically shared in the early stages of a relationship, especially if it pertains to financial matters or sensitive personal details.

  8. Pressure to Keep the Relationship Secret: Scammers may urge you to keep their relationship secret from friends and family, making it harder for you to seek advice or assistance.

  9. Inconsistencies in Photos or Background: If the individual's photos appear inconsistent or suspicious, such as being overly edited or taken from stock image websites, it could be a red flag.

  10. Multiple Profiles or Identities: Individuals with multiple online profiles or identities on different platforms should be cautious, which could indicate fraudulent activity.

By being vigilant for these signs and remaining cautious and skeptical in your online interactions, you can help prevent yourself from falling victim to romance scams.

Check out this example of how bad a romance scam can be.

This woman still thinks the scammer will return the funds. She even believes he will be the "knight in shining armor" and return to her.