Services & Fees

Please Note: Products and services are provided only to customers.

Account Services
Account research: the lesser of
·  Per item $ 5.00
·  Per hour 30.00
Account balancing assistance (minimum charge) 25.00
Account verification 10.00
Card reissue 10.00
Check printing (varies by style) varies
Counter check (each) .50
Excessive savings or MMDA transactions (each) 10.00
HSA or IRA transfer (outgoing) 25.00
Inactive account* (monthly) 5.00
Item deposited and returned 7.00
Overdraft (each item paid)** 30.00
· Daily overdraft fee cap 150.00
Nonsufficient funds (each item returned) 30.00
· Daily nonsufficient funds fee cap 150.00
Savings/MMDA/Checking/Ready Reserve overdraft transfer 5.00
· E-mail resend 3.00
· Paper reprint 5.00
Stop payment 30.00

Money Products
Visa® gift card $ 3.00
Cashier's check 5.00
Money order 2.00
Foreign currency exchange 15.00

Electronic Banking
Online banking setup Free
Online banking access (monthly) Free
Bill Pay (consumer) Free
Mobile banking Free
TellerPhone (telephone banking) Free

Wire Transfers
Incoming $ 10.00
Outgoing, domestic 20.00
Outgoing, foreign 40.00

Safe Deposit Boxes
Lost key $ 15.00
Drill box open 175.00
Safe deposit boxes: (annual)
· 3x5x21 20.00
· 3x10x21 35.00
· 5x10x21 45.00
· 10x10x21 75.00

Check collection (outgoing and incoming) $ 20.00
Garnishments, levies, and attachments 75.00
Notary service Free
Returned mail 5.00

Fees are effective November 1, 2016 .

* Checking and MMDA Plus accounts will be considered inactive if there have been no transactions on the account for 396 days. Savings accounts will be considered inactive if there have been no transactions on the account for three years. 

** Created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.

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