Loan Verification Documentation

We may require the following items to complete your loan approval. You may provide these documents voluntarily at any time.


  • U.S. Government or State Issued Photo Identification
  • Other verification of identification

Source of Income

  • Most recent 30 days of pay-stubs
  • Past two years W2s
  • Two years of tax returns and all K-1s (self-employed borrowers)
  • Social Security Award Letter (retired borrowers)
  • Pension Statements (retired borrowers)
  • Documentation for other sources of income

Asset Documentation

  • Two months' bank statements– all pages
  • Two months' investment/retirement account statements– all pages


  • Current mortgage statements for all properties owned
  • Proof of property taxes and insurance premiums (if not on mortgage statement or if owned free and clear)
  • If applicable: Divorce decree, Child support owed– court orders and any modifications, Bankruptcy documentation, and discharge papers

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