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First Federal Bank Unveils Updated Logo and Unified Brand Identity


First Federal Bank Unveils Updated Logo and Unified Brand Identity

First Federal Bank President and CEO, Jason Meyerhoeffer, has announced the unveiling of an updated primary logo for the Bank as well as the creation of a comprehensive brand identity and accompanying standards. Implementation of the brand refresh will begin immediately, including a new Bank website (, while some changes, such as branch and building signage, to occur over a period of time. The new primary logo and other brand elements reflect the legacy of First Fed, Idaho’s only mutual bank, as well as position the Bank to continue its mission of enhancing the well-being of customers by providing solutions to their financial needs.

“It was important when we started this effort that it was more of an evolution of our current brand and not creation. We are proud of our history and what First Fed represents,” stated Meyerhoeffer. “We also wanted to retain various iconic details – the large 1st in our logo, the color red – but bring our brand up to the present day and with an eye towards the future. I believe these changes, although subtle, help position First Fed for another century of success in Idaho.”

Work began on the brand updates in May of 2023 as First Federal partnered with Boise-based advertising agency Mitchell+Palmer. The yearlong process included internal reviews, external comparisons, customer interviews, and market studies and surveys.

"At Mitchell+Palmer, we focus on creating brands that blend trust with innovation,” shared Billy Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Mitchell+Palmer. “When working with First Federal Bank, our goal was to modernize the brand for today's market. We updated the logo and visual identity, merging tradition with a fresh aesthetic. The result was a mark that felt both new and familiar."

First Federal Bank New Brand Examples

The brand updates feature various changes and enhancements including a new, deeper shade of red termed “First Fed Red” as well as the addition of “Gem State Gray” as a primary color. An Idaho icon mark was developed to illustrate the Bank’s commitment to the State and serving Idahoans. Also included in the changes was the addition of “Bank” to the primary logo and other components of the brand.

“As we have expanded into other Idaho markets, we have occasionally encountered confusion with the name First Federal,” mentioned Meyerhoeffer. “Adding ‘Bank’ to our brand was important to solidifying our identity, especially in areas where people might not be familiar with who we are.”

For additional information and questions about First Fed’s updated brand as well as requests for logos and other brand elements, please contact Tereasa Nichols at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions


What is changing?

First Fed has updated its logos and colors.

Why is First Fed making these changes?

All great brands evolve over time to ensure they stay relevant and current. Although the changes will likely look and feel minimal, they are important as First Fed positions itself for another century of serving Idaho.

Are these changes reflective of planned bigger changes at First Fed?

No. The First Fed that you know and love will continue its passionate pursuit of providing financial solutions to customers that enhance their well-being. The brand updates are meant to solidify our status as “Idaho’s Community Bank of Choice” and to position First Fed for future success in serving the Gem State.

When will these changes take place and what should I expect?

Some changes will be immediate including the look and feel of First Fed business cards, marketing materials, communications, and similar collateral. Online and mobile banking as well as other digital platforms (i.e., social media accounts) will reflect the updated brand elements soon too. Larger changes, such as branch and building signage, will take longer and will occur over a period of time.

Will these updates impact any of my usual banking activities?

No. Checks, debit and credit cards, and other similar customer items will not be impacted by this change. Eventually, when it comes time to order new checks, replace your debit and/or credit card, etc., these new items will reflect the updated brand. However, until that time, everything with the previous First Federal logos and colors will function as normal.

Do I need to order new checks, debit card, etc.?

No. You can continue to use your current checks, debit card, and other similar customer items. When it comes time to reorder/reissue these items, they will reflect the updated brand.

Do I need to sign new bank documents or do anything related to my accounts?

No. The branding updates will have no impact on any past documents, or anything related to regular account operation. However, moving forward, the updated brand will begin to appear on bank documents, information pieces, and other similar items.

Do I need to redownload the First Fed mobile banking app?

No. If you currently have the First Fed app downloaded to your phone, it will eventually update to reflect the brand updates. Other than looking slightly different, nothing else will change, including your login credentials.

Will there be any impact to Online Banking?

The sign-in page to Online Banking, on, will look different and will operate differently as well. Previously, on the old website, customers entered their Login ID and then were taken to a separate page to enter their Password. Now, customers will enter both their Login ID and Password at the same time. Customers signing in for the first time, through the new sign-in page, may be prompted to receive a phone call or text message to confirm their identity – this is normal. Lastly, customers who have saved or favorited the previous Online Banking sign-in page will need to save/favorite the new page.