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Create Your Financial Savvy Alter-Ego!

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Unleash your financial superpowers with a SuperSaver account! You'll be a saving legend in no time, building a heroic "rainy day fund" that can help conquer any villainous life situation.

Red Burst No Minimum Balance
Red Burst Incredible APYs
Red Burst No Monthly Fees

How Do You Become a SuperSaver and Earn Your Momentous Monthly APY?*

    • Enroll in First Federal Bank’s NEW Round-Up Feature and Have at Least One (1) Monthly Round-Up Transfer From Your Checking Account to Your SuperSaver Account**

    • Make One (1) Deposit of at Least $30.00 or Two (2) Deposits of at Least $15.00 Per Month into Your SuperSaver Account

    • Have No Withdrawal Transactions During a Monthly Statement Cycle

    • Receive Your Monthly Statements Electronically
SuperSaver icon flying up 4 tiers of coins from $5.00 to $2000 with 10.47% PAY to 0.10% APY
SuperSaver icon flying up 4 tiers of coins from $5.00 to $2000 with 10.47% PAY to 0.10% APY

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*To qualify for the Annual Percentage Yields reflected above, the following eligibility requirements must be met: at least (1) round-up transfer** from checking account; one (1) deposit of at least $30.00 or two (2) deposits of at least $15.00; no withdrawal transactions during a statement cycle; and receive statement electronically. Interest is compounded and credited monthly. $10 minimum opening deposit required. If eligibility requirements during a statement cycle are not met, the interest rate will be 0.10% with an Annual Percentage Yield of 0.10%. The Annual Percentage Yields are accurate as of 9/18/2023. The interest rate on this variable rate account may change at any time at our discretion. Each primary account holder is allowed one (1) SuperSaver account per tax identification number.**Round up transfers must be posted, not pending or processing.

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