Magic Valley Business Security Summit presented by First Federal Bank

The goal of the summit is to teach businesses how to protect themselves, their customers, and their employees from fraud.

Thank you for attending the summit! 

Below are resources prepared for you by First Federal Bank experts. 

Screenshot of Asset & Information Controls Slide

Internal Controls Presentation

Learn how to limit fraud risk.

Screenshot of Internal Controls Policy Timeline Handout

Internal Controls Best Practices

Best practices to prevent fraud in your your business. Plus a checklist to help you establish/review your Security Policy.

Screenshot of IT Security Social Engineering Slide

IT Security Presentation

Learn how our computers and brains are vulnerable!

Screenshot of 10 Strategies to Protect your Business Handout

10 Strategies to Protect Your Business

Protect your business from social engineering attacks.

Screenshot of 3rd Party Business Fraud Slide

Third-Party Business Fraud Presentation

What is your business risk exposure?

Screenshot of Procedure Guidelines to Limit Fraud Exposure Handout

Procedure Guidelines to Limit Fraud Exposure Handout

Follow these recommended procedure guidelines to limit fraud exposure. Learn what information will facilitate a fraud investigation and where to report fraud.

Screenshot of Bookkeeping Checklist Handout

Suggested structure for bookkeeping checks and balances.

Reconciliation/Bookkeeping Checklist

To learn how First Federal Bank products and services can help you protect your business, contact our Treasury Management experts. or (208) 736-4446