Build Your Savings with Each Debit Card Transaction!

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Enroll in First Federal Bank's NEW Round-up feature to easily build your savings!

How Does it Work?
How Does It Work?
Credit Card linking to Bank icon

Link Your Checking Account Debit Card
With a Savings Account

Debit Card Rounding to Coins icon

Each Debit Card Transaction is
Rounded Up to the Nearest Dollar

Coins being transfered to bank

The Amount Rounded Up From Each Transaction is Deposited In Your Savings Account

Start Rounding Up Your Savings Now!

Give us a call at 208-733-4222, visit your nearest branch, or send us a secure message through online banking to add Round-Up to your account! 

Each debit card transaction will post separately to the checking account in its original format. Round-ups from each posted (not pending or processing) debit card transaction will be aggregated daily and one round-up transfer to savings will occur the next business day. Debit card transactions of even dollar amounts will not round up to the next dollar amount. When enrolled in round-ups, transactions from all debit cards tied to a checking account will round up to the same savings account. For this reason, all owners on the checking account must also be owners on the savings account. To enroll or discontinue enrollment in round-ups, send a secure message through online banking, call us at (208) 733-4222, or visit one of our branch locations.

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