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Woman paying a friend using her phone while drinking coffee.First Federal is excited to announce our new Pay a Friend feature!

What is Pay a Friend? 

Pay a Friend is a new feature in Online Banking that allows you to instantly send money to anyone!* Use Pay a Friend to split the check, pay allowance, or send a birthday gift.


Safe and Secure 

Since you use First Federal's Pay a Friend through your online banking, you can be assured it's safe and secure.

Login to First Federal Online Banking and Pay a Friend for more information!

If you aren't already enrolled in Online Banking: CLICK HERE

If you have any problems getting started, feel free to give us a call at 208-733-4222, and we'll be glad to help!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Eligible for Pay a Friend?

First Federal consumer customers.


Why use Pay a Friend?

To quickly send money to family and friends. Use Pay a Friend to split the check, pay allowance, or send a birthday gift.


Is there a fee to use Pay a Friend?

There is no fee to use Pay a Friend.

What if my recipient does not receive the payment?

If the recipient does not claim the funds within 10 days, the funds are returned to your account.


How quickly will a recipient receive the funds?

For recipients with a debit card on a supported network, funds availability will be practically real-time. Other recipients should see funds deposited in 1-2 business days (via ACH).

What if the recipient’s debit card is not on a participating network (Star, NYCE, Pulse, Shazam, CU24, or Accel)?

The receiver can collect the funds with their bank routing and account number.


Are their limits for Pay a Friend?

Yes, there are limits. Log into online banking for more information on Pay a Friend transaction limits.

*Within the United States.

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