Merchant Services

First Federal is continuously seeking new and creative ways to support our business clients. That is why we have partnered to offer you their Merchant's PACT program. This program is specifically designed to save you time, worry, and money in regards to your payment acceptance!

Merchant’s PACT Advisors Provide:

Merchant's PACT process information (explained below in content text).

Industry Expertise

  • Merchant’s PACT works for the client not the processors
  • Avoid common industry practices and sales tactics
  • Knowledge and ability to dissect processing company contracts and statements
  • Industry connections allow Merchant’s PACT to find the best rates and deals
  • POS advice specific to company needs

Service Quality

  • Not limited to a specific processor platform
  • Ongoing competitive bid reviews
  • Service Escalation Point
  • Service Guarantee
  • Merchant’s PACT does not bill until savings are verified

Preferred Negotiations

  • Switching providers is not necessary
  • Custom contract
  • Savings and Merchant’s PACT fee disclosed upfront
  • Merchant’s PACT is not paid commission by processing company
  • Merchant’s PACT validate current provider’s contract to ensure best pricing

Quarterly Audits

  • Merchant’s PACT analyzes both controllable and non-controllable costs
  • Assure the rate is not increased
  • Check for billing errors
  • Negotiate and manage potential refunds

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