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First Federal is continuously seeking new and creative ways to support our business clients. That is why we have partnered to offer you their Merchant's PACT program. This program is specifically designed to save you time, worry, and money in regards to your payment acceptance!

Benefits For Your Business

Merchant's PACT process information (explained below in content text).

Improved Profitability

Merchant’s PACT experts will analyze your existing merchant service program in order to negotiate the best program, pricing, and terms for your business needs. As a result you are NOT required to switch merchant service providers; however, you are able to switch if you prefer.

Peace of Mind

The Merchant’s PACT experts will provide POS payment system technology expertise. Also, you can have those pesky sales guys call us to vet out their rate and discount offer. We will evaluate if they have a better deal for your business.

“It’s nice to know someone is reviewing our statements to catch billing errors and to make sure our rate is not increased. In addition, the money savings have been excellent!”

- Terry Gilbert, Controller, Persimmon Ridge Golf Course

Personalized Auditing and Service

The Merchant’s PACT experts will audit the payment company billings to validate fees, prevent rate hikes, and detect errors all of which commonly occur in this industry. Essentially the Merchant’s PACT will be your “CPA” for the payments side of your business.

Time to Focus on Your Business

The Merchant’s PACT experts will manage your merchant service relationship so that you can focus on your business.

Get Started

If you're interested in a free consultation or would like to learn more information about Merchant's PACT, please click below to get started.

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