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Link Your Credit Card

How to Link Your First Federal Consumer Credit Card

Linking your First Federal consumer credit card will give you the ability to view the account balance and transaction detail from the online banking Home Page under Linked Accounts.

From the Home Page, click Link Account.

(1) Search for Elan. Then (2) click on CardMember Services Elan.

You must have an account established through before you can link the credit card in online banking.

(1) Enter username for, (2) enter password for, and (3) click Continue.

The screen below will then display while the account(s) are being linked.

The following screen will display during the account linking process. (1) You will be prompted to answer a security question. This security question was established in Then (2) click Continue.

Accounts will be visible on the Home Page of online banking and through Financial Tools. Click Continue.

When the account has been successfully linked, click Done.

The credit card tile is now viewable in online banking under Linked Accounts.

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