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Looking for details about the warranty services and travel insurance that comes with your First Federal credit card? Then you've come to the right place!

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This valuable document contains the descriptions as well as terms and conditions for a number of Warranty and Travel & Emergency Services that are provided to you at no charge by your credit card issuer.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the list of benefits available to you. Some provide referral and assistance and others give you the opportunity to access additional, special benefits. A select group of benefits like these are provided to you because we feel the savings, convenience, and security they provide are CORE to any great credit card program.

To obtain more information or to utilize any of the services, please refer to the description of each service for the appropriate toll- free telephone number.

For any other questions about your card, please call the customer service telephone number on your statement.




Extended Warranty is your assurance that you’ll get what you pay for every time you use your eligible card. It is extra protection for the things you buy.

This program extends the manufacturer’s original written U.S. warranty period up to one additional year for warranties of five years or less. For warranties of one year or less, the warranty period will be doubled. So if your new television comes with a 90-day warranty, Extended Warranty will double the warranty so you receive 180 days of worry-free warranty protection.

There is no requirement to register your purchases or forms to fill out. You are automatically enrolled whenever you use your eligible card to charge qualifying purchases.

This program pays in excess of all other applicable coverage such as homeowners and renters policies, warranties and indemnity policies.

Extended Warranty covers your expenses not covered by other policies such as insurance deductibles, up to the original purchase price of the item.


If the original warranty is still in effect, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to arrange for repair. However, if your original warranty has expired, but Extended Warranty is still in effect, simply call 855-594-3252 any time, day or night, and the name and address of an authorized service center near you will be provided. If in-home service is included with your manufacturer’s warranty, you may request service in your home. The following documents are required; charge card receipt, itemized store receipt including the date and place of purchase, product description, serial number (if applicable), and a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. Generally, the service center that repaired the item will be paid directly, provided the required information is received in time. In certain instances, you may have to pay for the repairs and be reimbursed

Important Notes:
  • To file a claim, call 855-594-3252.
  • Each account has a $50,000 annual claim payment limit.
There is no coverage for the following exclusions:
  • Items used for business or commercial purposes.

  • Services, traveler’s checks, art objects, cash or its equivalent, tickets of any kind, negotiable instruments, bullion, rare or precious coins, stamps, antiques and collectible items, or custom dental appliances.

  • All vehicles and their associated parts and equipment, except non-motorized cycles.

  • Dwellings, or any item that is attached to or embedded in earth, soil, dwelling or other permanent structure.

  • Animals and living plants, consumable and perishable items (including, but not limited to, food or fuel).

  • Incidents resulting from fraud, abuse, neglect, war or hostilities of any kind, confiscation by order of any government, public authority or customs official, incidents arising from illegal activity, normal wear and tear, radioactive contamination, food, earthquake, mysterious disappearance, incidental and consequential damage and inherent product defects.

  • This program is governed by the terms and conditions of a master policy. If a statement in this explanation and any provision in the policy differ, the policy will govern.

  • Other exclusions may apply.




With one toll-free call you can register any purchased item that has the manufacturer’s original written U.S. warranty included as a standard part of the item. So you don’t have to search your files and kitchen drawers for your warranty copies when you need a repair. If you register with us, all it takes is a quick phone call in your time of need.

Have your name, mailing address, telephone number, receipt, make, model, and serial number of the item ready when you call.

When you need to obtain your warranty details, the required information will be provided when you call 800-662-8855.




This service offers valuable protection beyond the coverage provided to you by an items’ manufacturer and the Extended Warranty service described above. For an additional fee you may purchase an extended service agreement that could extend your protection for up to five additional years.

To learn more about this service or to purchase an extended service agreement, please call 800-662-8855 or e-mail:



The services listed below are available whenever and wherever you need them, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—just call toll-free to 877-860-1099 to access the services or learn more about them. The telephone call for assistance and/or referrals comes at no cost to you. In some cases, you will be billed for any additional services provided by third-party vendors that assist you with your travel and/or emergency services. The costs (if any), availability, or success of those services is not guaranteed and is not the responsibility of the card issuer or its supplier. The services are accessible worldwide by calling 949-955-6250 (toll-charges apply).

Emergency Ticket Replacement Assistance

Arranges replacement and delivery of new airline tickets, and assists with airline ticket reimbursement procedures.

Emergency Pet Housing and/or Pet Return

Coordinates arrangements for temporary boarding or the return of a pet if unattended as a result of an emergency.

Emergency Message Relay Assistance

Send and receive emergency messages toll-free, 24-hours a day.

Emergency Translation Service & Assistance

Provides immediate verbal translation in an emergency or referrals to local interpreter services.

Emergency Transportation Assistance

Transportation assistance for you or a family member including a travel escort for your dependent child.

Legal Referral Assistance

Arrange contact with attorneys based on language needed, U.S. embassies, or bail bond assistance.

Lost Luggage Locator Assistance

Assists with carrier’s insurance procedures and arranges for the shipment of replacement items if luggage is lost.

Medical Referral Assistance

Provides medical and dental referral worldwide, monitoring, and follow-up assistance.

Personal Travel Agent Service

Provides travel agent services with licensed travel agents certified by IATA.

Prescription Assistance and Valuable Document Delivery Assistance

Assistance with passport or ticket replacement if lost or stolen and documents are needed to obtain critical drugs.

Pre-Trip Assistance

Provides destination information for 180 countries such as security, health, weather, or exchange rates.

Replacement of Corrective Lenses and Medical Devices

Coordinates the replacement of corrective lenses or medical devices if lost, stolen, or broken during travel.

In some cases, you will be billed for the use of additional goods as advertised in this brochure (in excess of one per cardholder), or for services provided by a third party vendor. The costs (if any), availability, or success of those services is not guaranteed and is not the responsibility of the card issuer or its supplier.



Whether traveling across the country or around the world, you and your family are automatically covered by our no-cost Travel Accident Insurance when you use our card to purchase travel tickets.

Use our card to purchase tickets on any common carrier – air, land, or sea – and you’re covered in the event of an accident or loss.

No registration is required. Just by using our card, you’re covered!



As an eligible credit cardholder, you, your spouse, your dependent children* and any authorized users of the account registered with a participating institution will be automatically insured against accidental loss of life, limb, sight, speech or hearing while riding as a passenger in, entering or exiting any licensed common carrier, provided the entire cost of the passenger fare(s), less redeemable certificates, vouchers or coupons, has been debited from your debit card account or charged to your credit card account. If the entire cost of the passenger fare has been debited from your debit card account or charged to your credit card account prior to departure for the airport, terminal or station, coverage is also provided for common carrier travel (including taxi, bus, train or airport limousine, but not including courtesy transportation provided without a specific charge): a) immediately preceding your departure, directly to the airport, terminal or station; b) while at the airport, terminal or station; and c) immediately following your arrival at the airport, terminal or station of your destination. If the entire cost of the passenger fare has not been debited or charged prior to your arrival at the airport, terminal or station, coverage begins at the time the full passenger fare is debited from your debit card account or charged to your credit card account. Common Carrier means any land, water or air conveyance operated by those whose occupation or business is the transportation of persons without discrimination and for hire. ELIGIBILITY. This travel insurance plan is provided to debit card or credit card account holders automatically when the full passenger fare(s) are debited from your debit card account or charged to your credit card account while this insurance is effective. It is not necessary for you to notify the participating institution, the administrator, or the Insurance Company when tickets are purchased. COST. This travel insurance plan is provided at no additional cost to eligible debit or credit cardholders of the participating institution. The Policyholder pays the account holder’s premium out of the revenues generated from the debit or credit card account. BENEFICIARY. The Loss of Life benefit will be paid to the beneficiary designated by the Insured. If no such designation has been made, that benefit will be paid to the first surviving beneficiary in the following order: a) the Insured’s spouse, b) the Insured’s children, c) the Insured’s parents, d) the Insured’s brothers and sisters, e) the Insured’s estate. All other indemnities will be paid to the Insured. BENEFITS. Benefits provided are: $150,000 for accidental loss of: life, two or more members, sight of both eyes, speech and hearing or any combination thereof, or $75,000 for accidental loss of: one member, sight of one eye, speech or hearing, or $37,500 for the accidental loss of the thumb and index finger of the same hand. “Member” means hand or foot. “Loss” means, with respect to a hand, complete severance through or above the knuckle joints of at least 4 fingers on the same hand; with respect to a foot, complete severance through or above the ankle joint. The Company will consider it a loss of hand or foot even if they are later reattached. “Benefit Amount” means the Loss amount applicable at the time the entire cost of the passenger fare is debited from a debit card account or charged to your credit card account. The loss must occur within one year of the accident. If the Insured has multiple losses as the result of one accident, the Company will pay the single largest applicable Benefit Amount. In no event will duplicate request forms or multiple charge cards obligate the Insurance Company in excess of the stated Benefit Amounts for any one loss sustained by any one individual Insured as the result of any one accident. In the event of multiple accidental deaths per credit card or debit card account arising from any one accident, the Company’s liability for all such losses will be limited to a maximum limit of insurance equal to two times the applicable Benefit Amount for loss of life. Benefits will be proportionately divided among the Insureds up to the maximum limit of insurance. EXCLUSIONS. This insurance does not cover loss resulting from: 1) an Insured’s emotional trauma, mental or physical illness, disease, pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage, bacterial or viral infection (except bacterial infection caused by an accident or from accidental consumption of a substance contaminated by bacteria), or bodily malfunctions; 2) suicide or attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injuries; 3) declared or undeclared war, but war does not include acts of terrorism. This insurance also does not apply to an accident occurring while an Insured is in, entering, or exiting any aircraft while acting or training as a pilot or crew member, but this exclusion does not apply to passengers who temporarily perform pilot or crew functions in a life threatening emergency. EFFECTIVE DATE. This insurance is effective on 4/1/03 or on the date you became an eligible Class Member, whichever occurred first, and will cease on the date the master Policy #6406-94-51 is terminated, or on the date your debit or credit card account ceases to be in good standing, whichever occurs first. QUESTIONS OR NOTICE OF CLAIM. Answers to specific questions can be obtained by writing the Plan Administrator. To make a claim please contact the Plan Administrator. As a handy reference guide, please read this and keep it in a safe place with your other insurance documents. This description of coverage is not a contract of insurance but is simply an informative statement of the principal provisions of the insurance while in effect. Complete provisions pertaining to this plan of insurance are contained in the master policy on file with the Policyholder, Dominion Trust Company as Trustee of Financial Institution Benefit Association Trust. If this plan does not conform to your state statutes, it will be amended to comply with such laws. If a statement in this description of coverage and any provision in the policy differ, the policy will govern.



* Eligible card on file with the plan administrator.

** “Dependent Children” means children who are primarily dependent upon the Insured for maintenance and support and who are under the age of 19 and reside with the Insured, beyond the age of 19 who are permanently mentally or physically challenged and incapable of self support, or up to age 25 if classified as a full-time student at an institute of higher learning.

PLAN ADMINISTRATOR: Financial Insurance Marketing Group P. O. Box 31065 Tampa, FL 33631-3065

PLAN UNDERWRITER: Federal Insurance Company a member insurer of the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies 15 Mountain View Road P. O. Box 1615 Warren, NJ 07061-1615

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