Community Room User Agreement

First Federal’s Community Room was created to provide a place for businesses and nonprofit organizations to meet free of charge.

The Community Room is available for use Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., not to exceed three consecutive days. The Community Room is not available for banquets, parties, or religion-sponsored programs benefiting a particular church. First Federal reserves the right to deny or cancel any request for the use of its Community Room for any reason.

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Section I - Organization

Section II - Event

First Federal Equipment Requested

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Organization’s Equipment

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Food and/or Beverages

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Section III - Terms and Conditions

This Community Room Use Agreement (Agreement) is entered into between First Federal Savings Bank of Twin Falls (First Federal) and the Organization named herein (Organization).

First Federal agrees to allow Organization to use its Community Room at 303 Shoshone Street North, Twin Falls, Idaho (northwest entrance), for the date and time specified in this Agreement, subject to the terms and conditions herein. Organization understands that a reservation date is not confirmed until First Federal informs Organization that this Agreement has been accepted by First Federal.

Use of Premises and Equipment

First Federal reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion and for any reason, to deny any request for the use of its Community Room. First Federal shall have the right to review the activities, decoration, entertainment, printed materials, and deliveries pertaining to any event which Organization intends to hold in the Community Room.

Community Room is available for use Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays), 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., not to exceed three consecutive days. Setup and cleanup must be completed within those hours.

First Federal will provide, in a clean and operating condition, the Community Room and equipment requested above. First Federal shall have the right of unrestricted access to the Community Room at all times.

Organization shall use the Community Room only for such purpose as specified above. Organization will secure at its own expense all personnel required in providing the event. Organization may use the First Federal equipment requested [projector, microphone, sound system, tables (10), tablecloths, and/or chairs (80)]; however, such equipment shall not be removed from the premises.

Organization shall be solely responsible for providing, setting up, and taking down any other equipment required to conduct the event at its expense. Organization shall also be solely responsible for providing adequate security for items of extraordinary value or concern.

If Organization requests use of First Federal’s electronic equipment, Organization must meet a First Federal Network Specialist at least a half hour prior to the event start time (exact time to be scheduled) so that the employee may connect the Organization’s computer to the equipment. WiFi is available only to the presenter, not to attendees.

If Organization charges an admission or entry fee for its event, it shall be solely responsible for its collection and for providing adequate security.

At the conclusion of Organization’s event, it shall leave the premises and equipment in a clean and undamaged condition.

Damage to Premises or Equipment

Organization is solely responsible for damages to the premises and equipment during its use of the Community Room. In the event the Community Room, equipment, or premises are damaged during Organization’s use, First Federal may charge Organization for such costs. This may include, but not be limited to, excess custodial fees, damage repairs, and other costs incurred as a direct result of Organization’s event.

First Federal does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of merchandise or articles left in the premises prior to or following an event.


Organization must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations. Organization shall also ensure that no person attending or supporting the event violates the following restrictions:

No smoking in the building or within 25 feet of the building.
  • No alcohol shall be dispensed, possessed, or consumed on the premises.
  • No firearms are allowed on the premises.
  • No burning candles or open flame of any kind are allowed. (Solid fuel “Sterno” under chafing trays is permitted so long as they are installed, monitored, and extinguished by professional catering staff.)
  • No adhesives, pins, or nails may be used on walls or floors. No heavy banners may be hung from ceiling grid.
  • All decorations and signs must be free standing or attached to freestanding supports.
  • No gambling on the premises.
  • No disorderly conduct is permitted on the premises.

First Federal employees and agents shall at all times during Organization’s use of the Community Room have the authority to enforce these requirements and may require any person violating them to leave the premises.

Onsite parking at the First Federal Main Campus is reserved for First Federal customers and employees. Handicap accessible parking is located next to the Corporate Office. Parking is available on the streets and in the Twin Falls City lot (gravel section) located on the corner of Second Avenue North and Gooding Street.

Section III - Terms and Conditions cont.


Organization shall indemnify and hold harmless First Federal and its directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives from and against any and all loss, costs (including attorneys’ fees), damages, expenses, and liabilities which arise as a result of and in connection with any and all claims for damages as a result of injury or death of any person or damage to any property arising from the occupancy, use, and activities of Organization or its employees, agents, representatives, or any person admitted to the premises while the premises are used by or under the control of the Organization.

At its discretion, First Federal may require Organization to provide proof of general liability insurance with limits approved by First Federal.

Cancellation or Modification

First Federal retains the unrestricted right to cancel Organization’s use of the Community Room or to modify this Agreement for any reason. Should First Federal exercise these rights, First Federal will provide notice to Organization as early as possible. First Federal shall not be liable to Organization or any other individual or entity for any damages, direct or consequential, resulting from First Federal’s cancellation of Organization’s use or modification of this Agreement.

Organization may cancel its reservation for use of the Community Room by providing notice to First Federal as early as possible.

Copyrighted Material

Organization acknowledges and certifies that all requisite approvals and clearances have been obtained from the copyright owners for all musical and other works performed during the event. Organization shall be solely responsible for payment of any and all royalties. Organization agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify First Federal, its directors, officers, agents, employees, and representatives from and against any infringement actions or causes of action arising out of Organization’s failure to obtain such approvals and clearances.

Permits and Licenses

Organization shall be responsible to obtain any necessary permits, licenses, or other authorizations required by any local, state, and federal governmental agencies to hold its event in the Community Room. Organization will be responsible to collect any and all applicable sales taxes.

Entire Agreement

This Community Room Use Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties.


The Organization may not transfer, assign, or sell its interest in this Agreement.

By clicking Submit, Organization understands and agrees to abide by all of the terms of this Agreement, and the parties represent that each of them has the requisite authority to execute, deliver, and perform the duties and obligations of such party to this Agreement.

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