Directors & Officers

Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jay P. Dodds
C. Alan Horner
Rex E. Lytle
Jason A. Meyerhoeffer
Stephen D. Westfall
Jeffry O. Williams


Jason A. Meyerhoeffer
President, Chief Executive Officer

Jay P. Dodds
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretary/Treasurer

Brenda K. Hughes
Senior Vice President, Director of Mortgage and Retail Lending

Jeff C. Jardine
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Shane T. Jenkins 
Senior Vice President, Commercial Loan Administrator 

Rebecca L. Nelson
Senior Vice President, Human Resources Director

Michael D. Traveller
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Catherine D. Amundson
Vice President, Retail Operations/BSA Officer

Michael W. Worthington

Shawn W. Broadbent 

Vice President, Business Banking Officer

Seth E. Collins
Vice President, Loan Operations Manager

Gregory A. Fluckiger
Vice President, Information Technology Manager

Ronald R. Rasmussen 
Vice President, Senior Business Banking Officer

James N. Thompson 
Vice President, Senior Business Banking Officer

Kevin G. Welch 
Vice President, Business Banking Officer 

Norman D. Wright 
Vice President, Property Inspector and Evaluator

J. Lynn Hedberg
Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer, NMLS #407780

Joan L. Howard
Assistant Vice President, Payroll and Benefits Officer 

Gary W. Karnes
Assistant Vice President, Business Banking Officer

Steven J. Lott
Assistant Vice President, Controller

Michelle C. Martin
Assistant Vice President, Retail Operations Manager, Security Officer

Esteban O. Martinez
Assistant Vice President, Loan Officer

M. Kai Mathews
Assistant Vice President, Business Banking Officer

Stephanie R. Musgrave
Assistant Vice President, Electronic Services Manager

Susana M. Ourique
Assistant Vice President, Branch Operations Director 

Jonathan F. Schreurs
Assistant Vice President, Collections and Facilities Manager

Denise L. Smith
Assistant Vice President, Commercial Loan Operations Manager

Kayla M. Smola
Assistant Vice President, Senior Lending Operations Officer

Ashley K. Terry
Assistant Vice President, Marketing Director

Doug A. Wilson
Assistant Vice President, Data Processing Manager

Branch Lending Managers

Zachary T. Kelsey - NMLS#618786

Vice President, Regional Lending Manager, Kimberly Branch

J. Jacob Tolman - NMLS#407777
Vice President, Regional Lending Manager, Main Branch

Deanne M. Bailey - NMLS#407778
Vice President, Falls Branch

Mary L. Bauscher - NMLS#407784

Vice President, Rupert Branch 

Angela J. Oliver - NMLS#407770
Vice President, Burley Main Branch

Diane D. Fischer - NMLS#404646

Assistant Vice President, Blue Lakes Branch 

Tracey L. Miller - NMLS#830329
Assistant Vice President, Eastland Branch

Tyrell L. Osterhout - NMLS#407785
Assistant Vice President, Burley Overland Branch

Benjamin R. Weston - NMLS#699353
Assistant Vice President, Cheney Branch

Loralee A. McKee - NMLS#411741
Jerome Branch

Branch Operations Managers

Deyanira J. Doria
Main Branch

Jessica A. Wills
Blue Lakes Branch

Vickie L. Schlund
Buhl Branch

Toniann L. Symes
Eastland Branch

Teena M. McCandless-Tolman
Jerome Branch

Tiffany N. Warr
Rupert Branch

Gail C. Bulzomi
Burley Overland Branch

Shauna L. Jentzsch
Burley Main St. Branch

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